AOS 3.0 Recap

AOS 3.0 Recap

In this final video of AOS 3.0, Rich provides a recap and roundup of the previous lessons. The video serves as a conclusion to the course, an AOS 3.0 recap and also addresses some administrative matters.

Rich begins by apologizing for the four-week delay in releasing the video, explaining that there were staffing changes and technical challenges to overcome. The delay in no way affects the final payment for the program. Rich acknowledges the feedback received from participants and expresses gratitude for the positive messages and testimonials.

The video then proceeds to summarize the topics covered in the program. The first seven lessons focused on social media, covering various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Rich shares insights into their social media strategy, emphasizing the importance of engaging storytelling, focusing on work-related content, and utilizing the latest features like reels on Instagram.

The following lessons revolved around the design process, documentation, installation techniques, termination boxes, video distribution, CCTV, multi-room audio, rack building, and programming. Rich mentions that extra programming lessons were added to provide more in-depth knowledge.

Rich also mentions the availability of downloadable documentation and handover packs, allowing participants to access comprehensive materials related to project documentation and client handover.

Additionally, Rich discusses aftercare and remote monitoring, highlighting the importance of monitoring systems and conducting power resets.

Towards the end of the video, Rich expresses gratitude for the participants' dedication to the program, including those who reached out for consultations and shared the content with their teams. Rich also acknowledges the international reach of the program, with participants from various countries.

Rich clarifies that this will be the last lesson of AOS 3.0, and while the website and training portal will remain active, access to the exclusive content, including the number tracking form and giveaways, will be limited to the participants of AOS 3.0.

There may be more lessons in the future as there are a few highly requested lesson topics. If you would like to request a specific course then contact us via the form here.

We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the AOS 3.0 course and we look forward to seeing where to progress with your business in the future!