Q: Where can I book classroom training?

A: Classroom training is currently not running. We have put a pause on it as we are so busy with projects. You can join our mailing list by clicking here, incase we ever decide to run it again.

Q: Is your smart home training available online?

A: Yes, our online training course can be purchased through our website.

Q: Will you run training courses again in the future?

A: The last training course was held in February 2023 after training over 200 people! We can't say for certain as it is entirely dependent on how busy we are with project. However, you can join our waiting list to be notified about future courses or enroll in our online training course.

Q: How long is your smart home training course?

A: Our training course is 5 days long, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. This duration allows us to thoroughly cover all the necessary content and prepare you for field installations.

Q: What topics are covered in your smart home training course?

A: Our training course covers essential installation skills such as rack building, data cable connection, CCTV and Wi-Fi configuration, speaker installation, lighting panel connection, and more. Additionally, we will teach you how to sell and support smart homes, how to perform remote maintenance and fault finding, and how to read and edit documentation for customer files.

Q: What happens after completing your smart home training course?

A: After completing the course, you can choose to apply your newly acquired skills however you wish. We provide you with all the knowledge and support necessary to install high-quality smart homes. Our aim is to build a national network of smart home installers who work to the highest standards and deliver the best projects. You will also have access to our back-end support, design, quoting, and purchasing, with the opportunity to work on Art of Smart's future projects.

Q: Who is your smart home training course designed for?

A: Our training course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about smart home installation and first-class installation methods, including those who have completed Control4 training.

Q: Who delivers your smart home training course?

A: Our training course is delivered by Rich Heppell, the owner of Art of Smart Group Ltd. Rich is an electrician by trade with 15 years of industry experience and specializes in creating the finest Control4 smart homes across the UK.

Q: What qualifications does Art of Smart have to deliver this training?

A: In just 5 years, Art of Smart has become one of the leading smart home companies in the UK, winning various industry awards. Our reputation is built on quality, and we have perfected every element of our business. We're sharing our blueprint with you to implement in your own business.

Q: Why does Art of Smart offer this smart home training course?

A: We developed our training course in response to the numerous inquiries we receive about learning how to create smart homes. We want to build a national network of people who can work to our standards and trust our brand, enabling us to bring AOS quality installations to every corner of the UK at a good value price point for our clients while building an unparalleled support network.

Q: Can Control4 dealers attend your smart home training course?

A: Yes, Control4 dealers are welcome to attend our training course. You can inform us in the pre-course questionnaire that you are a Control4 dealer, so we can tailor your learning experience accordingly.

Q: What's included in your smart home training course?

A: In addition to the knowledge you'll gain from the training, we provide refreshments and lunch each day, an AOS partner t-shirt and merchandise, and a dinner out one evening.

Q: Does your smart home training course make you Control4 qualified?

A: No, our training course is not a programming course but more of a "finishing school." It teaches you best practices for smart home installation to ensure you have the basics right. Direct training on Control4 is not included.
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